Giorgia Collu

Tutor or Professor of Swimming Sports at University level.

Teacher of physical education in the secondary school. Researcher at the University of Cagliari and with the Regional Olympic Committee of Sardinia and has presented in numerous science conferences all over the world and has different scientific publications.

Trainer of land and aquatic fitness and has been teaching in the field of continuing education for the last 20 years.

AEA Global Award 2012 for Aquatic Fitness Professional. AEA Trainer Specialist and FIN Master Trainer. International Director with the company Hydrorider

She has presented at many water fitness conferences around the world and is well known for creating different programs such as Aqua Fluid Pilates, the Water Polo Gym and other aquatic programs that are always full of interesting water-based content.

Her area of expertise is in both land and water fitness with different programs for athletes and for students of all ages: Aqua Cycling, Aqua Treadmil, Aqua Trampoline, Rider Bands, Aquatic Postural-Pilates, Aquatic classes for Resistance, Interval-HIIT , Circuit Training , Cross Training, Swimming Sports correlated to Water Fitness, Land and aquatic programs for active Seniors

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